Other alternative fuels

Biofuels are also known as non conventional fuels, alternative fuels. Alternative fuels can be classified as any fuel that is not derived from conventional sources like petroleum, coal and natural gas. The main purpose of fuel is to store the energy that can be used sometime later. Almost all forms of fuels are chemical fuels having energy in the form of chemical energy. The end use of the fuel is to release the energy that is captures by it at any time of use.

Some of the other forms of non conventional fuels are chemically stored electricity like batteries, hydrogen and various other sources. The demand of these alternative fuels came into picture when the world recognized that it has a very limited supply of fossil fuel and burning it leads to various other environmental problems like global warming. Burning conventional fuels like petroleum leads to a lot of greenhouse gas emission. Another factor of concern is the rising prices of the oil. This rise has been reported because of the shortages faced by the various countries producing conventional fuels. According to the researchers, the demand of the conventional fuel is going to surpass the supply which will make the people look for other alternative fuels. Some of the alternatives to the conventional fuels are:

Renewable energy: This is one of the best solutions to the energy crisis that is lying ahead in future. The various nations of the world have shown keen interest in tapping this form of energy which is not only environment friendly, but also economic to produce. Solar power, wind power and tidal power are some of the forms of this energy.

Non conventional oil: This is a type of fuel that is chemically quite identical to the conventional fuel. This form of oil is generally more energy intensive to be produced which is a great hindrance in their production. Some of the rich deposits of this form of oil are found in the Athabasca Oil Sands in Canada. They are also found at Venezuelan Orinoco tar sands. Most of the researchers have stated that the Orinoco and Athabasca sites have almost two thirds of the total oil deposits of the world.

Hydrogen: Most of the people say that hydrogen is the key that would solve the energy problems of the world. There have been developed many new techniques that efficiently extracts the chemical energy stored in hydrogen. The main problem with hydrogen is that there is no large deposit which promises a continuous supply. Whatever little quantity of the gas is found on the planet also resides in the upper layers of the hemisphere. Hydrogen to be brought into use should be first produced using some other form of energy which is a great threat.

Air engine: This is a relatively newer technique that uses emission free piston which uses compressed air as fuel. Compressed air is much cheaper then any other form of energy. The economy in production makes this form so energy an attractive alternative of conventional form of energy.