Solix Biofuels, United States

Solix is a U.S-based biofuel company that focuses three steps in the algal biofuel chain: growth and harvesting of algae along with extraction of the oil.  It leaves the refining and distribution steps to other entities. The company is based in Colorado.


Solix owns the proprietary Lumian technology, which is an algal growth system that company terms a photobioreactor. The device is designed to maximize light penetration and CO2 mixing for optimal algae growth. Thus, Solix is not involved in modifying or selecting algae or in the processing steps once oil or biofuel is extracted. Rather, the company focuses on the middle step of providing an adequate growth environment and means of extracting oil or biofuel.


Solix produces the Lumian AGS4000, which is a 4000 liter high productivity algae growth system (AGS). In 2009, Solix began operation a demonstration plant in Colorado to prove the scalability of its Lumian technology for large-scale biomass production. The Lumian system is modular, allowing it to be customized to fit a variety of applications.

The Lumian system is designed to:

  • Provide a system for both growth and algae species evaluation
  • Minimized contamination and culture death
  • Provide high volume biofuel output
  • Be easy to install (1 week is the claimed installation time)
  • Be easy to clean
  • Be expandable
Allow for GMO algae to be safely cultivated without risk to wild-type algae.