SG Biofuels, United States

SG Biofuels (aka SGB), which stands for Seeds, Genomics, and Biofuels, is a U.S.-based company that specializes in cultivating GMOs for biofuel feedstock. The company is particularly focused on Jatroph and has a GMO version termed Jatropha 2.0.


Jatropha is of interest for its high oil content, ability to grown on marginal land, and relatively quick time to maturation. Jatropha oil is easily refined to produce biodiesel. SGB has developed a “Crop Improvement Plan” (trademark by the company) in which hybrid varieties of Jatropha have been developed from a library of 12,000 different Jatropha genotypes. SGB uses this library to produce hybrid Jatropha seeds for specific applications and environments. The company boasts the ability to produce more than 2 million different hybrid crosses. The company markets its Jatropha expertise as a fully-integrated approach to Jatropha biofuels.


SGB’s primary product is its JMax line of hybrid seeds that are drought, disease, pest, and stress tolerant. JMax Jatropha seeds are bred to provide the following characteristics:

  • Improved seed (and thus oil) yield
  • Early flowering and seeding
  • Lower water and nutrient requirements
  • Stronger growth
  • More uniform ripening
  • Disease and Pest Resistance
  • Shorter times to maturity
SGB also provides guidance on Jatropha farm development and management. Though this aspect of its business, the company coaches clients on general management, labor and contract negotiations, irrigation, soil fertility, plant maintenance, and pest/disease control.