QS Biodiesel

QS Biodiesel is a U.K. company with a unique approach to the production of biodiesel. The company is headquartered in London.


While many biodiesel applications rely on produce directly from algae of the conversion of biomass through a multistep process, the QS Biodiesel process is only a single-step reaction that can use oil or grease feedstock of varying quality. The company calls its technology Co-Sol-Plus and it provides the following advantages.

  • A 20-50% reduction in processing time for transesterification.
  • A 20-40% reduction in energy consumption compared to standard transesterification processes
  • A 10-20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Recall that transesterification is the process of swapping out one carbon chain in a hydrocarbon for a different carbon change. The process is critical to the production of biodiesel from oil feedstock and thus is an essential part of the conversion of biomass oil from Jatropha, Canola, and other feedstock. Making the process more efficient helps to tip the balance of producing fuel from feedstock toward a more economical and greener level.


QSB technology is designed to be integrated into existing biodiesel plants or used in new construction. The process promises to increase production capacity, reduce energy consumption, and increase flexibility by allowing for use of a wider range of feedstock.