Novozymes, Denmark

Novozymes is a biotechnology company headquartered in Denmark. The company has been a leader in the supply of enzymes for research applications for a number of years, controlly roughly 47% of the world enzyme market share. The company supplies enzymes for everything from waste management to biomedical research.


Novozyme is developing enzymes for both cellulosic and starch-based biofuel applications. For cellulosic applications, Novozyme produces an array of proprietary enzymes that can deal with corn, wheat, wood, and municipal waste to produce cellulosic ethanol.

For starch-based applications, the company provides custom enzyme blends that match various needs for liquefaction of biomass, conversion to sugar, fermentation, and biofuel production.


Novozyme markets its biofuel enzymes under two categories.

  1. Enzymes for starch-based conversion are custom tailored mixtures
  2. Cellic is the registered name of the enzyme line used to convert cellulosic biomass to ethanol.
    1. Cellic CTec2 - 5 times better at biomass degradation than other enzymes available on the market
Cellic CTec3 - 1.5 times better than CTec2 in biomass degradation and product yield