Evofuel, United States

Evofuel LTd. Is a subsidiary of Evogene, a biotechnology company that specializes in computational genomic solutions for improving plants. It should come as no surprise then that evofuel specializes in genetically modified, second-generation feedstock seed development. Their goal is to be the world leader in supplying seeds for second generation feedstock.


Evofuel focuses on “upstream-feedstock development,” which basically means that it specializes in producing seeds that will be used to grown the feedstock that will eventually become biofuel. The company uses standard techniques to manipulate and modify the genomes of several well-known second generation biofuel feedstock plants. The goal is to improve output while reducing nutrient and water requirements.


Evofuel has invested most of its resources into the genetically modified castor been seeds. The company claims that products are designed to offer high yield under rain-fed conditions and are suitable for large-scale, mechanized growth management. The claim is that castor been can achieve a total production cost of about US $50/barrel.

Castor beans are capable of reasonable growth in dry, hot environment. The company is combining advanced breeding technology with argo-technique growth methods to provide growers with the most efficient seeds.