Blue Marble Biomaterials

Blue Marble Biomaterials is a U.S-based company that specializes in producing biochemicals and renewable biogas using a variety of microorganisms. The mission of the company is to displace oil with renewable carbonate neutral alternatives, which they intend to generate from cellulosic biomass. The company became known as Blue Marble Biomaterials in 2011, changing its name slightly from its previous Blue Marble Energy to better encompass its growing product diversity.


Blue Marble uses a patented conversion system known as AGATE for Acid, Gas, and Ammonia Targeted Extraction. One of the selling-points of this technology is that it uses non-genetically modified bacteria to process a wide range of feedstock. The fact that the bacteria have not been modified makes the process more economically feasible and also helps it appeal to environmentalists concerned about the impact of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) on the health of ecosystems.

The blend of bacteria is composed of a number of organisms that can withstand high nitrogen environments as well as adverse conditions that include fluctuations in pH, temperature, and feedstock. The mixture is designed to process everything from yard waste to industrial brewery waste though fermentation.


In 2011, Blue Marble opened refinery in Missoula, Montana. The company is focused on sustainable manufacturing and the development of a renewable supply chain to feed its refinery. The refinery produces a range of projects that include oils, thioesters, esters, organosulfurs, and other specialty chemicals that are used in fragrances, fuels, and cosmetic applications. Differences in product are primarily produced by varying the feedstock. The company is devoted to transparency and traceability in its supply chain.