AlgaeLink, United States

AlgaeLink was founded in 2007 to produce an effective photobioreactor for growing algae. Their technology is aimed at algae cultivation and does not specifically address any one market. The system is equally applicable to biofuels, food, feed, and cosmetics.


AlgaeLink offers customized R&D designed to optimize their underlying technology for specific applications, environments, and types of algae. Essentially, the company offers produce apparatus in which algae grow. They modify that apparatus as needed to fits the needs of their customers. Examples of custom applications are:

  • Downstream components of commercial plants
  • Utilization of CO2 from industrial flue gases
  • Optimization of algae growth for given sunlight, temperature, and water conditions
  • Potential new applications of algae


The company offers several ready-made solutions that are modular and scalable.

  • Basic Photobioreactor - A scalable system designed for growing algae in an affordable way in either fresh or salt water. The system is fully automated for monitoring and control of nutrient delivery, water purity, CO2, light, and temperature.
  • Advanced Photobioreactor - A fully automated and computerized system for large scale applications. The advanced PBR can be custom designed for any location and comes with engineering and marine biology assistance.
Solar Dryer - When algae are to be harvested, this system uses solar energy to dry the organisms out, which improve efficiency and the “green” nature of any system by reducing energy expenditure.