ADM Hamburg AG, Germany

ADM began as a food processing company dealing in crops like corn, oilseed, wheat, and cocoa. The food arm of the company still deals in sourcing, transporting, and processing foods into a number of products. ADM is the largest corn processor in the world, with more than 2.4 million bushels moving through its facilities per day. In addition, 3.5 million bushels of oilseed and 1 million bushels of wheat are processed every 24 hours. ADM is responsible for grinding 15% of the world’s cocoa crop.

This fuel part of the company is known as ADM Hamburg AG and is located in Hamburg, Germany even though ADM is headquartered in the United States and has over 270 plants across the world. ADM Hamburg AG was originally called Oelmuhle Rothensee.

ADM Hamburg AG is primarily focused on the produce of biodiesel, the major biofuel used in Europe. Other subsidiaries of ADM produce ethanol. Most of the ethanol production takes place in the United States and totals roughly 1.8 billion gallons per year.

The company produces biodiesel through the process of transesterification, which yields glyercol. They are currently exploring how this byproduct can be further refined to produce propylene glycol, which is used in plastics, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and as a deicing agent for aircraft. The company has been able to reduce the amount of water used in ethanol production by 35%, making it more economical and environmentally feasible to use corn and oilseed as feedstock in ethanol production.

List of Diesel Products

  • Connediesel
    • High quality biodiesel
    • Complies with European Union Standards
    • Sold Primarily in Europe
  • Connester
    • Meets US and EU standards
    • Sold globally
  • Glycerin
    • Crude
    • Refined